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  • Decorative vinyl

    Decorative vinyls have become a way of decorating low-budget glass and walls. It is fun to bet on these types of decorations as they can create a certain air of personality within a cold and lifeless space without resorting to floor renovations. Previously, these decorative vinyl was common to see only in some showcases or showcases in addition to studies of designers. But today they have become part of the lives of those people who like to have a distinctive touch in each of their spaces.
    The biggest advantage of decorative vinyl is the ability to give radical changes at low cost and in a very short time. They do not need professionals or architectural knowledge, just follow the instruction manual and take into account certain councils such as cleaning the surface, verify that it is mint, place it with tape in the desired place before completely adhering it to verify if that is where We want it, and of course, that the area is free of rough edges.
    The versatile of these vinyls has made them a great choice for the quick decoration of rooms for children, for bathrooms, kitchens, and even for laptops like laptops. You can purchase several designs of these decorative vinyl through http://Tienda de Decoración Natural.es/.
    On the other hand, the materials of manufacture used for these decorations are the flexible vinyls, a species of chloride plastic suitable for the interior and exterior. For children's vinyls are also often used on fabric. The decoration decorative vinyls have three layers, a back support sheet, a semitransparent sheet for the application and one that is the silhouette in itself.
    Do not confuse stickers with vinyls, vinyls always come in a one-color version on the part, and the bottom of the wall. On the other hand, you can have a composition of pieces that form a vinyl of several colors. However, stickers can have many colors within a single design. Therefore, vinyl is recommended to have an idea of ​​minimalist use.
    The surface is one of the most important things when adhering the decorative vinyl, since not all are suitable, can not be neither rough nor wet, it must be clean, hard and smooth without grease or dust. All this so that the vinyl can hold on to the surface. They can be applied on appliances, furniture, glass, walls, etc. The important thing is always to keep the characteristics mentioned above.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items